Why Medevents?

For the integrated services: Medevents.gr not only promises but delivers events of high standards, thanks to the group of integrated services that INVENTICS Corporation has developed. Medevents.gr can “lift off” traditional event planning services with the contribution of Livemedia.gr and the advanced live webcasting and online data storage services. Together with the input of Neoweb.gr in state of the art electronic services, such as online registration and reservation management and CMS websites, a modern event organization is guaranteed.

For the team spirit: the members of the Medevents.gr team always work in harmony with common denominator the success of every project. To this end they have learned to complement and interact with each other offering their customers a wide range of services.

For the high performance: thanks to this harmonious, interdepartmental cooperation the speed and quality of results for the client are maximized, since information is not lost in complex communication channels among independent and often incompatible external partners. On the contrary, the comprehensive internal project management and time saving achieve to minimize the cost and collateral expenses of an event.

For the expertise: Medevents.gr owes its successful course in the long experience and continuous training and knowhow of its executives. These young and talented people have obtained higher education diplomas in the areas of tourism, marketing and technology and have evolved a restless spirit on current developments in the domestic and international market. Particular emphasis is given to the Health sector with continuous monitoring of developments in the industry and frequent visits to EOF (National Organization for Medicine) by an authorized representative of Medevents.gr for direct and timely information on changes to procedures and regulations.