09 - 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022

Inaugural Forum: The edge of tomorrow - endoscopic cardiac surgery

Inaugural Forum: The edge of tomorrow - endoscopic cardiac surgery

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Join us in Thessaloniki, Greece, on September 9 &10, 2022 for the Inaugural Forum of the ECSC. Our goal is to promote endoscopic cardiac surgery which is on the eve of its coming of age, but there is still a long way before it is recognized as “State of the Art”.
After those years of confinement and restrictions, this forum will be a late, but unique opportunity to meet in person.
Let us share our experience, our knowledge, our tricks.
Let us design a strategy to further develop our action.
We will be on the land of Alexander the Great and let us hope that his spirit will inspire us in the development that we are looking for.
He could count on his remarkable horse, Bucephalus, we count on our endoscopes!

Patrick Perier
Chairman of The ECSClub


On behalf of The Endoscopic Cardiac Surgeons Club (ECSC) I am delighted to invite you to be part of our Inaugural Forum which will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 9th and 10th of September 2022.
Our aim is to get together and discuss as many cases as possible, with LIVE 3D 4K and LIVE IN A BOX endoscopic operations and other presentations of high scientific content.
The LIVE 3D 4K CASES will be projected in 3D 4K in the auditorium, transmitted with laser technology, creating a unique experience!
By the end of the two-day conference, we should have consolidated the expertise in the field of endoscopic cardiac surgery and bring the new era of our specialty into "the edge of tomorrow".
Thessaloniki has been a place of continuing inhabitance since the fourth BC century and thus is an open archaeological site! It has been a multicultural city as it is situated at the crossroads of the East and West, on the quiet side of the Aegean Sea. Very attractive port with vibrant nightlife and beautiful surroundings.
Of course we will have the chance to experience Thessaloniki by night.
I hope we meet you all here in Greece, to exchange and learn from each other while enjoying the Greek hospitality, Philoxenia.

Antonios Pitsis
Head of the Local Organising Committee

Please fill in the registration form.
Registration is free and includes participation to the congress, to the common opening ceremony, to the typical congress lunch breaks and coffee breaks and certificate of attendance. On-site participation only.

The Inaugural Forum is marked with 16 credits of Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) by the Panhellenic Medical Association.

Secretariat: For any further information, please contact [email protected] / +302310474400


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Thessaloniki, the place that UNESCO declared "World Heritage Sites" 15 of the monuments of the city Culture, history, gastronomy, nightlife… Thessaloniki has it all!!

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is a welcoming, relaxing city ready to spoil you by its countless visiting options, being full of life, day and night, due to its thousands of students studying in its universities.
In contemporary Thessaloniki, you’ll come across with history, art and different cultures of 2,300 years of the city’s history, you’ll have the chance to taste its rich gastronomic tradition, with a reputation far beyond the Greek borders, you’ll relax on the beautiful coast watching the sun disappear in the Aegean sea and you will let yourself in the evening rhythms of a city where the nightlife ends just before the first light of the day!

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Archaeological Museum https://www.amth.gr/en
Museum of Byzantine Culture https://mbp.gr/en
Church of Agios Dimitrios and the Catacombs https://thessaloniki.travel/exploring-the-city/religion/greek-orthodox-churches/
White Tower https://www.lpth.gr/indexeg.php
New Waterfront of Thessaloniki  https://thessaloniki.travel/en/exploring-the-city/interesting-districts/seafront-of-thessaloniki
Rotunda and Arch of Galerius http://galeriuspalace.culture.gr/en/monuments/kamara/
Byzantine Walls – Trigoniou Tower – Heptapirgion https://inthessaloniki.com/item/byzantine-walls-trigoniou-tower-heptapirgion/
Ladadika district https://thessaloniki.travel/en/exploring-the-city/interesting-districts/ladadika
The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki http://www.jmth.gr/

NIKOPOLIS www.hotel-nikopolis.com
CITY HOTEL www.cityhotel.gr
VANORO www.vanorohotel.com
No 15 ERMOU HOTEL no15ermouhotel.gr
THE MODERNIST www.themodernisthotels.com/thessaloniki
THE EXCELSIOR www.excelsiorhotel.gr

Find on the map the Venue & other places of interest.