Among the numerous conferences, Medevents.gr organizes the 3rd Hellenic-Turkish Congress of the Hellenic Cardiological Society in Trabzon in late June. 400 people are transferred via charter to communicate scientifically with Turkish participants for 3 days and they travel to Panagia Soumela of Pontus.
In January it adopts the innovative barcode system to record the number of participants and to monitor their time of attendance in order for them to obtain the credits on the conference certificate.
In December Medevents.gr enhances its software equipment with the acquisition of Reservations system. This software allows the user to register participants with details such as dates of accommodation, arrival and departure time, and time schedule for transition to the airport or any other national carrier. At the same time all contact data of the participants can be registered to the system, thereby facilitating direct communication and service.
In June 2011 Medevents.gr upgrades the software Congress V1.0 to V2.0. The new version records participants’ data in a single database, and is now able to combine this information, creating automatic reports with statistics of participants’ status, place of origin, date of arrival to the conference, as well as the time spent in the conference room.

In September Medevents.gr launches its renewed website. The new website has a user-friendly menu, updated and current news and easier access and use of the online services, such as electronic submission form. In addition to the above, a new section is introduced with rich photographic material from the conferences. Moreover there is a new calendar indicating upcoming events, not only from Medevents.gr but from other organizers as well.
In the same month a new program is set into operation. This will allow participants to make their conference registration and abstract submission online through a customized online form, specifically designed for direct storage of the data in the system without having to send an email.
After 6 years Medevents.gr organizes its first international conference with European scientists’ participation, making a memorable impression to all guests. This is the 8th International Conference "New Trends In Cardiology" of the A’ Cardiology Clinic of the A.U.TH in Thessaloniki, which takes place on 17 - 19 April 2008 at Hyatt Regency Hotel, Thessaloniki.